Back to Beavers

The Autumn term at 1st Earley St Peter’s Beavers is now in full swing.  Trish (Nightingale) who was invested into the Scout movement at the start of this term reports:

‘We have welcomed lots of new faces both young and old; Three new leaders, Tanya (Dolphin), Karen (Rusty) and Jenny (Otter), and a number of new Beavers joined the Colony. We welcomed back Hawkeye and Kingfisher so that the Beavers could present a gift and say thanks to them for all their hard work and the fun we had with them over the years.  One of our former beavers also came back to be presented with his Chief Scout Bronze Award badge.

On our first evening we played some relay games in lodges and learnt a bit about what Beavers is and how Beavers started, after which we went outside for some fresh air and a run around jigsaw quiz using what we had learned from the evening.  Beavers also did a jigsaw of a Beaver after winning the pieces by answering questions correctly.’

Last weekend a few of the Beavers joined the Cubs at their Secret Camp.

Soon the Beavers will begin learning all about aviation for the Air Activities badge.  They will be learning about some famous aeroplanes, making some models and playing some flying based games as well as visiting the Air Museum at Woodley.

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