Beavers learn to fly!

Earley Beavers from the 1st Earley St Peter’s Beaver colony have been learning about fun, flying and friendship as Nightingale (Trish) reports:

“We have had a good three weeks at Beavers.  We started with an air activities badge night, when we learned about some different aeroplanes and helicopters and also had a go at making and flying our own paper plains.  The following week we went to the Aviation Museum in Woodley and saw lots of different aeroplanes there.  This week we were doing some work on our Friendship challenge badge which involved learning about disabilities.  The Beavers learned and looked at Braille, learned some sign language and what it feels like not to be able to hear very well.  They also learned about different ways of doing things like writing with your feet and making one handed sandwiches.  They learned about some famous disabled people and we also had a look at the sorts of sports that are done in the Paralympics.”

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